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As a part of the Digital India Programme, it was envisaged that a standardized framework need to be implemented for websites of Central Government Ministries & Departments, search to enable easy of content

People travel for many different reasons and the travel and tourism industry is about far more than providing holidays for people.

Traffic is the movement of people and goods from one location to another. The movement typically occurs along a specific facility.

The act of a lawyer or court in interpreting and giving meaning to a statute or the language of a document such as a contract about its meaning.

Food and agriculture are important for one simple reason: Everyone eats. Without food, we could not survive, let alone do anything else.

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They have given me their professional, constructive help when needed and also their personal point of view when asked for. At all times I have felt valued and very much of the publishing process. The staff are all warm, friendly and welcoming and I look forward to a continued relationship with Grammar Factory in my future ventures.
They provided all the information I needed to put my mind at rest, they were responsive and took all my 'silly' questions in their stride. They call this self-publishing, but really, they did everything! Thank you so much Scott and team for helping me to produce a wonderful looking book and get it published. The feedback has been amazing!
I know that the feedback I am receiving is due to the excellent editing job from Grammar Factory, who turned a bunch of words and ideas into a structured book.My experience with Scott and the team was worth every cent. I am so happy with the quality of the final book and also the ongoing support on marketing.

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